Company Policy

OHASHI is dedicated to developing advanced technologies and applying these to create environmentally versatile machines to meet the 21st century’s clean environment requirements.

Since its founding in 1988, OHASHI has been consistently producing various equipment for the Enviromental, Agricultural and Forestry sectors and working to make it possible to reduce pollution and make full use of natural resources to eliminate waste and create efficiencies for customers.

OHASHI’s highly specialized machines have been developed and widely used in the Japanese market for the past 25 years. OHASHI is proud of its products which have been servicing and providing value to customers. As a market leader for producing clean and safe products for managing organic material we strive to build on the philosophies of our founder and be of value to the community.

OHASHI Company’s LOGO symbolizes"Co-Existence with Natural Resources and transferring these to the Next Generations," reducing and reusing waste from natural resources in our global society.

OHASHI continues to challenge itself to create products useful to society, to foster a gentle creative mind with our Planet, and to make use of our limited natural resources effectively.

OHASHI has worked to contribute to society by introducing equipment to process wood, tree branches, bamboo, and plastic bottles so as to make waste useful again. Waste can be re-used as a natural resource for organic fertilizer, bio-fuel, animal bedding, mulching, landscape gardening, forest paths and many other multi-purpose applications.

Quality Policy

Safe, stable, high efficient, fully powerful, economical, highly durable and widely applicable - first class quality products in the world.


1988 Established and developed greening machines.
1989 Core gathering machine was successfuly tested on the golf course and highly appreciated in the market.
1990 Commenced core gathering machine manufacturing under the name of "MULTI-SWEEPER."
Began sale activity of "MULTI-SWEEPER" to golf course.
1992 Succeeded in trial of self propelled lawn and weed cutting equipment.
1994 Began mass production of self propelled "MULTI-SWEEPER," equipped with multi-stage rotor transport system.
1995 Invested in research and development of environmental equipment to reuse wood waste to prevent natural resources depletion. Newly developed "Chipper Shredder" was warmly received during trials in the park and city green space management field.
1998 Began full production and sales of “Chipper Shredder.” Began research and development of 55hp wood chipper.
2005 Ohashi becomes the company that produces and sells the most wood chippers in Japan.
2006 Began research and development of new type of crusher to reuse the wastes of plastic and vinyl chloride pipe as a kind of natural resources for society.
2008 Developed conveyor chipper with 30.5hp capacity and crawler type mobility.
2009 Ohashi starts producing and selling more than 1,000 machines per year.
2010 Began development of bio-energy wood chip fueled air heating machine for use in the agricultural sector.
2011 Developed conveyor chipper with 100hp capacity and crawler type mobility.
2014 Developed and commenced sales of 3 wood chipper machines for the European market.