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  • Maximum power in mobile, compact, light weight body
  • Control process speed to produce super fine or larger chips
  • For composts, mulching, making pellets or bio-energy
  • Made in Japan - Japanese quality and reliability






Discharge into truck


Easy to load on truck


Leafy branches OK


No Stress micro-computer


Wood Chipper ES283D Basic performance

Chipping to meet your demands

Wood (High Speed)


Wood (Slow Speed)


Use for composts, mulching, making pellets, pathways, landscaping or bio-energy. Choose the size to suit your needs! * Large chips, called pinchips may be occasionally discharged in material.

Utilisation facile du rotor


The rotor clutch can be engaged/disengaged by flicking a switch. New function for this model.

Adjusting chip size


The processing speed is adjustable by turning the “Flow Controller". Chip size can be changed between 2-16mm.

* Uniform sized chips are produced with screen. (Screens are optional)

Economical "Feeding blades"


Feeding blades on feed roller are replaceable. If the blades become worn, you only need to change blades.

Fuel-saving mode


Easily switch between “Normal mode” and "Branch mode". Small branches of max. dia. 9cm are chipped with "Branch mode", and more fuel savings can be achieved.

* Des copeaux de taille uniforme peuvent etre obtenus avec un tamis. (Les tamis sont disponibles en option)

Automatic No Stress Control


An automatic hydraulic No Stress control system, communicates with the feed roller ensuring stable and efficient feeding of materials.

Micro-computer No Stress control

Micro-computer between the feed roller and engine reduces engine loading stress and prevents damage. Developed in-house using years of mechanical know-how.

Safety design

Brake Lever

The brake lever is gripped to transport the vehicle. When
released the parking brake will be activated automatically.

Feed Roller Safety Bar

Allows user to stop the feed roller in an emergency and if necessary without using their hands.

Excellent chipping efficiency

  • Finely chip leafy branches.
  • Wide hopper allows easy feeding of leafy branches.
  • Robust and durable body.
  • Change between reverse / forward feed with one switch.
  • Easily transportable at just over 1.2 t.
  • High grade knife specification. To chip materials where something hard like nails may be attached the enhanced knife is recommended.

Chip Uses and Options

Choose chip size with uniform dimensions

Screens with various hole sizes



To adjust chip size and to produce uniform sized chips just change the screen. Screens with various hole sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 25 mm
※6mm holed screen must be used with vacuum collector.

Processed chips



Different chip sizes suit different purposes. Choose the hole size of the screen based on your needs.

Chip Applications







To discharge chips below

Side shooter

Energy-saving mode

Conveniently discharge chips below when chipping in places where a high shooter may cause obstructions like an orchard.
※Can not be used in combination with the high shooter.
※※Screen available (Screen hole size should be 8mm or more.)  6mm holed screen must be used with a vacuum collector.

For chipping grass and bark

Flat blade set

Efficient hydraulic drive

Efficient hydraulic drive

Attaching flat blade to the feed roller to avoid clogging on sharp edges.
※ Grass containing more water, should be discharged via the side shooter because chipped grass might clog up the high shooter. Do not use with screen.

Collecting chips effectively

Collecting chips effectively

Vacuum Collector 3BMY150XN50/60・3BMY150XNEG

  • Attaching the optional vacuum collector to the low dispatch unit allows processed chips to be efficiently collected and packed without raising dust.
  • The collector is on casters for transportation.
  • Two types, motor drive and engine drive, are available.

※Can't be used in combination with the shooter.
※Available with screen.
 6mm holed screen must be used with a vacuum collector.

Equipped with cyclone chip collector “ESC283D”

Equipped with cyclone chip collector “GSC283D”

  • Less dust while discharging
    Dust can be a problem at chipping sites. ESC282D can decrease the dust with attached cyclone.
  • Cyclone can be easily removed / attached
  • Chips can be directly discharged to a large easily attached flexi bag.
    Chips are discharged directly to flexi bag, which is ready to move.

※Can not be used in combination with vacuum collector, side shooter or screen.
※Flexi bags are not included.